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SPLUMA requires that the national government must, in accordance with this Act and the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, develop mechanisms to support and strengthen the capacity of provinces and municipalities to adopt and implement an effective spatial planning and land use management system.

The NSPDR Ecosystem will be a major enabler in the implementation of SPLUMA. One of the ways this will be achieved is by providing provinces and municipalities with the necessary tools and capacity building to enable SPLUMA-compliant spatial planning and land use management practices.

E⁠⁃⁠Lodgement’s workflow is entirely aligned to SPLUMA

The land development application process extends from the lodgement of a development application, also known as the administrative phase, which basically involves the submission of all relevant documents. From there it then moves into and towards the formal consideration phase, all the way to the final approval, or decision phase, and may or may not proceed to any possible appeals...

From the very beginning, our application was developed with SPLUMA at the centre of the design process. As such, the phased approach found within E⁠-⁠Lodgement’s workflow, is completely aligned with both the act itself, and its regulations.

E⁃Lodgement’s development application process can be conceptually viewed as follows:-

SPLUMA Process


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