NSPDR Ecosystem

National Spatial Planning Data Repository

Integrated Spatial Planning and Land Use Management

Data Repository

The NSPDR Ecosystem enables the sharing of spatial planning information across all spheres of government, as well as the private sector, and supports key objectives of the NDP, and most importantly, SPLUMA. [Learn More]


From the very beginning, our application was developed with SPLUMA at the centre of the design process. Resulting in a workflow that’s completely aligned both with the act itself, but also its regulations. [Learn More]

New Planning Paradigm

The CHALLENGE for any planning framework in South Africa, has always been the question of how to balance the technicality of spatial planning and land use management, with the broader issues of socio⁠-⁠economic development.


Data Repository

A digital and innovative ecosystem for national spatial planning, that will enable the sharing of spatial planning information and data across all three spheres of government.

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This application’s main objective is to honour the Department’s responsibility in terms of SPLUMA, by fully automating the land development application process.

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With mechanisms to support and strengthen provincial and municipal capacity to adopt and implement an effective spatial planning and land use management system.

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Participatory Framework

The NSPDR Ecosystem will enable sharing of spatial planning information across all spheres of government and the private sector and will support key objectives of the NDP.


Implementing Policy

The NSPDR Ecosystem will be a major enabler in the implementation of SPLUMA. Two ways this will be achieved is by providing provinces and municipalities with . . .


... integrated development planning across the spheres of government as required by key planning policies and legislations such as the NDP.

... the necessary tools and capacity building to enable SPLUMA-compliant spatial planning and land use management practices.


Responsive Technology

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NSPDR Ecosystem


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Use the NSPDR for all your planning projects.

Enables sharing of
spatial planning data.

The NSPDR ecosystem will ensure the most up-to-date integration of government project data for efficient and effective spatial planning.  It enables the sharing of spatial data throughout the country, across all spheres of government including the private sector, through and with the guidance of the SDI Act.

Capital expenditure
represented spatially.

The NSPDR ecosystem will support the monitoring of all capital and operational expenditure within the public sector (which currently is not done in a collaborative manner), through the digital representation of such projects spatially.  Furthermore, the level and access to data will have modern encryption and security protocols to ensure sensitive data is protected where needed.

NSPDR User Interface

Visually monitored
decision-making tools.

The NSPDR ecosystem enables management to monitor contributions and data maintenance by all departments through a comprehensive, visual monitoring dashboard system.
By indicating the status of the contribution, as well as the status of the individual projects themselves, the ecosystem ensures planning is done with the most recent information at hand.

NSPDR User Interface

Land use innovation
through automation.

Currently, there’s only one online portal which is accessible in just two provinces that can assist municipalities with spatial planning and land use management issues.
Addressing this deficiency, the NSPDR ecosystem through it’s E⁠·⁠Lodgement application, provides a portal readily available to all municipalities in all provinces, thereby ensuring national coverage. [Learn More]

Data Driven Spatial Planning

The NSPDR Ecosystem will ensure up-to-date integration of most government project data for efficient and effective spatial planning. It will also enable sharing of spatial data throughout the country and across the public and private sectors.



Spatial Data

Source datasets and models derived from spatial data provided by base data custodians, SDF guidelines, as well as the E⁠-⁠Lodgement application layer, can be used to design customised data models, validations and a whole lot more.

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The portal hosts and contains an amazing variety of advanced GIS tools and functions. The portal will be the main place where users can access various web maps, mapping services, metadata, and E⁠-⁠Lodgement amongst others.

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